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Adani Group’s Environmental and Social record – an AdaniWatch Report

Raja Rajeev
by Geoff Law, AdaniWatch This is an excerpt from the Preliminary Report on the Adani Group’s appalling environmental and social record outside of Australia. It...
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Tale of ‘Two Modis’: What The ‘Politician’ and PM Achieved In Leh

Raja Rajeev
PM Modi has to deliberate if, willy-nilly, he has followed Jawaharlal Nehru’s course, with regard to China. By Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay. First Published in The Quint...
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Preserving a Motherland for 70 Years

Raja Rajeev
By Saptasindhu Basu Recently, India and China had a standoff in the region of East Ladakh. In fact, this standoff is still ongoing as we...