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Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose

Varughese Cherian
Objective: The purpose of this note is to help readers understand Netaji Bose and learn about his contribution to the independence movement of India and...
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Liberalization (1991) – The Phenomenon that Changed India

Alok Jagdhari
By AlignIndia Editors. First Published on 03 September 2020[Featured Image : Dr. Manmohan Singh in his North Block office after presenting the 1991 budget/INC India...
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Nehru and Patel: The Power-Struggle that Never was

Alok Jagdhari
By Align India Editors. First Published on 03 September 2020 Image Credit: Rediff If you compare a historical decision by current context then you will...
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The Congress Renaissance – 1: Featuring Mani Shankar Aiyer

Seroja Manoj
AlignIndia Conferences : Transcript Transcribed by Susheelkumar S HallurFeaturing Sri Mani Shankar AiyerSpecial Guest: Sri Kumar Ketkar, MPFriday August 14, 2020. 19:45 IST Introduction AlignIndia...